Feed a Family

We are committed to minister to the hungry. We realized early in the pandemic that children and their families in our community were in dire need of food. Initially working with the Roanoke Rapids Graded Schools, we collected staples and delivered them to the School Nutrition Office for distribution. The project quickly grew and we began collecting funds to buy groceries to be distributed by the Nutrition Office. These groceries provided meals for Thanksgiving and throughout the Christmas holidays. Now we have begun supporting a program to deliver weekend meals to students and their families. We continue to collect shelf-safe items at the church for distribution through the Nutrition Office as well as sharing with The Little Free Pantry supported by a neighboring church

Gospel Son Shine

Reaching children is one of our most important goals. The pandemic exposed a need for a different type of outreach. To meet this need, we created Gospel Son Shine, a children's message provided each Sunday. This message is for children of all ages and usually focuses on the Lectionary Gospel lesson of the week. At the moment, this message is provided by our Fruits of the Spirit Puppet Ministry. This ministry helps children understand the love of Jesus through scripture, stories, and parables. It is an outreach to help children learn the importance Jesus' message of love has on their lives, their families and the world around them.   Contact Karen for more information.

Woman with Bible

Gospel Minutes

Each weekday the church offers a recorded message from the Gospel. The message is taken from the Lectionary Gospel selection for the following Sunday. You will receive a greeting, the Gospel lesson, a short commentary, and a thought for the day. Call the church office at 252-537-2173 and push # 4 any weekday after 9 am.  Contact Karen for more information.

Prayer Team

Our prayer team receives requests and prays corporately for each request weekly and privately on a daily basis.  Many requests are confidential and, depending on the person’s preference, others are listed in the church’s weekly bulletin and shared on the screen each Sunday.